Hong Kong          2009



Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) Accreditated Mediator (2011) 

Bachelor of Civil Law, University of Oxford (2007)
Bachelor of Laws, First Class Honours, City University of Hong Kong (2006)
Bachelor of Arts, Bryn Mawr College (2002)


University of Oxford
Monckton Chambers Prize for the Best Performance in Competition Law


City University of Hong Kong 

Chiap Hua Cheng Foundation Scholarship

Lovell's Prize for Overall Excellence

Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarship

George Y.C. Mok & Co's Prize

Johnson, Stokes & Master Prize for Excellence




Ella Liang has a broad civil and criminal practice.  Ms Liang has experience handling matters that concern areas of law such as marine insurance, sale of goods, judicial review, matrimonial law, company law and money laundering.



HKSAR v Yeung Ka-sing Carson

Kwan Wan Chee Alisa v City University of Hong Kong

Kam Hing Trading (Hong Kong) Ltd v People's Insuranc Co of China (Hong Kong) Ltd