Separate and Independent
Barristers are self-employed and operate independently of each other. Central Chambers is a group of
32 individual barristers working separately but sharing some resources. Confidentiality of client information is paramount and we at Central Chambers act at all times with absolute discretion. Our clerk Michelle To has worked for chambers since the beginning 30 years ago. She and the rest of our staff are extremely experienced and well understand this need. We are not a firm nor are we partners. This separation means that individual barristers within chambers are often instructed on opposite sides of a dispute. This should not be a cause of concern to clients. Our professional rules, to which we strictly adhere, preclude any leaking or sharing of information and we are vigilant to avoid conflict of interest.​

Barristers in Hong Kong provide a specialist service through referral. This service is usually to provide advice before proceedings begin and to conduct those proceedings on behalf of a client as advocates once they are brought before the Courts. This means that a client will normally gain access to barristers through a solicitor, Legal Aid or the Prosecuting Authorities. Professional rules prevent direct access to barristers by the public. There are exceptions relating to certain institutions and dispute resolution procedures where a barrister may act without instructions from a solicitor.​​